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Maintenance and Repair

ALEKON CRANES provides the maintenance services and repair of handling equipment of all types and from every manufacturer.

ALEKON CRANES service is a continuous technical support provided by qualified specialists with extensive experience in the exploitation and repair of handling equipment.

ALEKON CRANES provides a full range of repair services of load-lifting mechanisms and terminal equipment.

The repair works include:

  • Analysis of malfunctions and damages;
  • Tackling of malfunctions in electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment;
  • Replacement of defective components;

And if it is necessary:

  • Supply of spare parts;
  • Adaptation of outdated structures to new technical conditions;
  • Supply of fully staffed equipment components.

By the customer’s request, our specialists can conduct a technical audit of the equipment fleet, develop and implement a repair program and a maintenance schedule.

Alekon will provide maintenance and repair of your equipment.

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