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Customs Warehouse

ALEKON CARGO owns several covered warehouses (main warehouse: 7,500 m2 — rack storage, tent; 3,600 m2 – floor and rack storage; tent — 800 m2 floor storage; stone warehouse — 1,000 m2 outdoor storage), large area (50,000 m2) and offers the following services:

  • Manual and mechanized unloading and loading;
  • Unloading, loading and storage of oversized cargoes and cargoes on open platforms, wagons, covered wagons, and cargo of various hazard classes;
  • Unloading, loading and storage of veterinary goods;
  • Package, repackaging, sorting, photographing, weighing, winding and palletizing of goods, printing and sticking of labels;
  • Inventory of goods, electronic accounting and reporting with TSD, registration of all goods and accompanying documentation for shipment to any country of the world;
  • Dropshipping.

ALEKON CARGO – has covered warehouses and open storage areas.

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