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Cargo transfer

ALEKON has two rail lines for cargo handling in its territory. This allows to receive a train up to 45 railway rolling stock, and from the flyover under the roof. Also it is possible to simultaneously load up to 12 wagons.

  • It is possible to load 5 trucks at once from the covered warehouse.
  • It is possible to load 5 additional cars from flyovers under the roof of the warehouse with special car ramps.

A special flyover has been built for the direct transfer of goods from the container to the truck, from the container to the railway wagon and back. It allows simultaneous loading of 5 different transport units;

ALEKON CARGO has the necessary experience in insulation of covered wagons with food in winter conditions.

Lifting of cargo includes:

  • Richstacker “Linde” for lifting loads up to 45 tons;
  • 15-ton forklift “Linde” with a device for unloading/loading pipes into the container;
  • Electric pallet stackers for storing goods on racks;
  • Special forklift with side clamps for tires and rolls of paper, pulp;
  • 5 forklifts of various capacities with additional devices for large and heavy loads;
  • Possibility of loading and registration of large wheeled equipment and other loads, which are fixed on the open movable rolling stock in accordance with technical conditions or attachment schemes.

ALEKON CARGO – transshipment of cargo of any complexity.

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