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Customs Warehouse

Alekon Cargo customs warehouse owns several covered warehouses (main warehouse with 7500 m2 of shelving storage, pavilion with 3600 m2 floor and shelving, pavilion with 800 m2 floor storage, stone warehouse with 1000 m2 floor storage), a vast territory (50 000 m2) and offers the following services:

  • manual and mechanized unloading and loading;
  • unloading, loading and storage of oversized cargo and cargo on open platforms, open wagons and in covered wagons, as well as cargo of various hazard classes;
  • unloading, loading and storage of goods subject to veterinary control;
  • the kitting, refitting, sorting, photographing, weighing, winding and palleting of cargo, printing and gluing labels;
  • inventory of goods, electronic accounting and reporting with TSD, preparation of all shipping documentation for sending goods to any country in the world;
  • dropshipping;

ALEKON CARGO – has covered warehouses and open storage areas.

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