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Nowadays a major part of lifting technic for harbours and industrial companies are outdated cranes, which are not allow to increase the productivity and often not appropriate production and technological requirements. In the same time, new equipment purchasing, considering the high price often is exigeant task.

Modernization of existing cranes is wothy alternative for buying a new technics, because less consuptions allow improve technical equipment characteristics, prolong a lifetime and significantly and cut down inputs for service and repair.

Modernization allows to increase reliable, safety and productivity of old crane irrespectively of its age and technical stateof new. Improvements achieve by changing old parts and exhausted mechanisms, gear and hinged compounds, electric equipment, handling system, cabin with remote controland security devices to modern.

Our company performs the whole programm of mopdernization beginning from crane expertise and project development and finishing by transfer of equipment to exploitation.

Modernization perform on idividual projects, which guarantees optimal technic and economic solution.

Please find more detailed information in our brochure.

Alekon perform the modernization of your cranes by full-service. 

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