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Maintenance and Repair

Alekon Cranes OÜ provides technical services and repairing of handling equipment all types and all manufacturers.

Proper maintenance and well-timed changing of exhausted parts allows can significantly extend the lifespan and maintain its performance on high level, avoiding consumptions for unexpected repairs.

After-sales service from our company implies the provision of continuous technical support by qualified specialists who have extensive experience in the operation and repair of handling equipment with necessary technical resourses.

The most reliable technic sometimes needs a repairing. Alekon Cranes OÜ provides the full list of services in field of repairing works for lifting cranes, mechanisms and continuous equipment. Repair works holding includes:

  • Analysis of troubles and damages;
  • Deficiencies liquidation in electronic, electric and mechanic equipment;
  • Replacement of defective components.

And also, if necessary:

  • supply of spare parts;
  • adaptation of old constructions allowing for new technical conditions
  • supply of fully staffed nodes

At the request of the client, our specialists can conduct a technical audit of your equipment fleet and develop, as well as implement a repair program and a service schedule.

Alekon will provide maintenance and repair of your equipment.

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