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Nowadays, most of the hoisting equipment of ports and industrial enterprises is the old cranes which do not allow to increase productivity and often do not comply with production and technological requirements. At the same time, buying new equipment often seems to be an intractable task, taking into account its high price.

Modernization of cranes is an excellent alternative to the purchase of new equipment. Significantly lower costs allow to improve the technical characteristics of the equipment, prolong the service life and considerably reduce the costs of maintenance and repair.

Refurbishment increases the reliability, safety and performance of the old crane (despite its age and technical condition) to the level of new. We achieve improvements, replacing outdated mechanisms, toothed joints and pin connections, electrical equipment, management systems, cabin with control panel and safety devices.

ALEKON CRANES performs a complete modernization program starting from the crane expertise until the start-up.

The development of the modernization project is performing by the individual customer requirements and leads to technical and economic solution.

Please find more detailed information in our brochure.

Alekon perform the modernization of your cranes by full-service. 

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