The project for the repair and modernization of the quay container loader at the HHLA TK ESTONIA terminal was successfully completed and on time. In the course of the project, our specialists carried out a set of works on the restoration of the metal structure of the boom system of cranes and replacement of cable suspension components, preventive maintenance of travel gears was carried out, and worn out electrical components of the crane were replaced. Replaced the mounting pin of the rigid boom support guy on the upper pylon. Together with the official representatives of the manufacturer, some of the crane’s frequency converters were replaced with new ones and a scheduled maintenance program for the remaining inverters was carried out. For the convenience of the operator and to increase the safety of work, the controllers in the cab were replaced, the communication system on the reloader was restored, the flippers of the container spreader were replaced.
ALEKON CRANES expresses gratitude to the employees for the successful implementation of the project for a long-term and significant partner of our company!